Hi! Sorry this took a while to reply to, but it was easier to do a quick tutorial. I’m not really good at explaining things, but I’ll try! Remember, this is how I personally do it. It may not be how everyone does it.

First, a quick note.

This is easiest to do with Japanese cards.
Mainly because of the bulkier line width in the characters.

Also any black card that also has a dark background makes this a breeze. There there is already black behind the characters so you aren’t fishing the text shadows out of your paint with the toothpick.

Down to business!

Okay, the process is pretty simple. It just takes time and patience. When you lay a layer of paint, do it right over the text, mana cost, and expansion symbol but make sure you can still at least see them.

Now, grab a wooden toothpick. Plastic ones don’t work as well, at least for me. Gently remove the paint with it. Don’t press too hard or you’ll indent the card surface. If you accidentally do this and then get paint on it again it will be much harder to remove with a toothpick because it wants to sink into the now textured surface.

Go ahead and do your next layer. Toothpick again.
Go ahead and do your next layer. Toothpick again.
Go ahead and do your next layer. Toothpick again.

Repeat until your card is finished. Yeah it is time-consuming, but the result is worth it. At the end it will look nice and clean because any colors you had will be dispersed nicely under your text.

It helps to know the fonts used on cards pretty well. Maybe take a pic before starting your alteration if you are unsure. That way you know what you are trying to clean off with your toothpick. Also, when you are doing light colors under the text make sure to leave the text shadow (the lower right of text is dark) so the letters are cleanly distinguishable.

The last pic is just showing that the toothpick is a tool you can also use when doing textures and such on cards.

I hope I helped!

Might as well up load the whole commission at once, right?
All this is Prossh EDH stuff. This deck looks too fun.

A bunch of small alters ($20-25 ea)
A gold leaf ($65)
And a surface alter ($40)

EDIT: Whoops prices were wrong, old prices. Changed to new.
Expect a commission post soon for real this time. I have so many asks. o_o

WOOOOOOOO! I just hit my major goal! Sky is the limit now haha

Thank you all so much for following my card alter blog, it makes me so happy that so many people want to see my art.

New stuff rolling out this week, I’ve literally been immobilized for days by a sudden tooth abscess. Now that the meds are kicking in I can paint again without collapsing in pain haha.