alwaystwostepsbehind: Was that you topping a legacy open?

Haha yep that was me! I top 8’d the SCG Indy Legacy yesterday.

Sneak and Show with Dig Through Time.
That card’s power is legit. Very strong.

Okay so!

Here’s the deal. Recently there was a snafu related to my ebay account. NO it wasn’t anything bad on my end, but there was something that blindsided me because I had no idea it could happen.

The account I was using was actually someone elses originally. I’d rather not bring up who’s so please don’t ask. They weren’t using it anymore and it had a handful of feedback and it was past where eBay does that lovely “hold your money for a god damned week” thing. So they gave me control of it and I reassigned all the addresses and paypal etc for it. Not a problem. For 5+ years!

WELL. Apparently that person made another account down the line and had a bunch of problems with shipping some things that “vanished” on their way to Brazil. Of course eBay was being unreasonable about it and the person in question chose not to pay the fees. So eBay killed that account… and then proceeded to kill any account that had was ever linked in their name at all.

Aha! There’s the rub. Mine. I was on the phone with them for nearly TWO HOURS talking to increasingly higher people on the chain of command. But alas it was fruitless. I can still use that account to BUY things lol but not SELL things. So whatever I guess :/ I don’t bear any ill will towards the other person because I probably would have done the same thing haha. And besides, they couldn’t have known all this would happen either.

So I lose a 1600+ positive feedback account and powerseller privileges. It stings, and I almost decided not to remake. But I pulled my ass out of the dirt and did it anyhow. is my new name

It says I have no things for sale because I think there is a delay for new users before listings show up. Ebay really screws new users and it’ll be a while before I get it to be like before.

EDIT: Also this means no international shipping for a few months. It’ll be back though. If you see something you want and it has no bids feel free to contact me directly at and I’ll sell it to you personally.

Sorry for this huge wall of text.
I just wanted to keep you folks in the know.

Thanks for reading!

Part of a many card extension commission for an alter connoisseur and avid Vintage/Legacy player! God I love painting Flusterstorm, the colors are so gorgeous and bright.

First Spell Pierces I’ve ever actually painted! I know everyone and their brother has done that card but me lol

EDIT: Tumblr is acting a bit weird for me right now so here is a link in case you cant see the full image. [ LINK ]

Got my foil one and made some time between commissions to extend my old one. It’s available for trade/sale if anyone wants it for their cube!

I’m looking for $30 on it in cash or…
I’d take $35 in trade for standard cards I need (caryatids, stormbreaths, etc)

Commission! This one is going to a repeat customer of mine.

Finally I get to cross this one off my list of cards I wanted to alter now, haha. I’ve always loved the art on this card but altering it for ebay/tumblr/facebook always seemed hit or miss so I never did it. But I got an email asking for altered Shauku and I jumped for joy!

Commission! My wrist is almost 100% now, woo! This alteration took a very long time. Between my wrist and all the tiny details it was many many hours. I painted Ganondorf on a foil peel alter that the client did himself. It’s a Lazav peel on a foil UB hybrid card. (I think 2 color gold cards should look like this always haha)

Ooooh we got better pics now. There are dragon bones in all the art.

Now I’m significantly less disappointed :D

EXTREMELY HAPPY For Onslaught fetches getting reprinted!

EXTREMELY UNHAPPY at the awful new art, damn…