Notes for today:

  1. Going to totally revamp my wants list
  2. Going to work on a new commission post (or not, if I get this job I’m applying for)
  3. Paint at least one card

Okay now that I’ve had a lot of downtime I figured I’d give the ol’ wrist a test to see if I can stand sitting and painting one thing for hours on end.

Oh right I forgot to mention on tumblr that I got tendinitis in my left wrist. I’m right handed but it made painting pretty much impossible for a while because you need both hands to do it.

At any rate, I’m back! I have new positions for my arms and such now on my desk but I can paint again. I’ve been dying to, lol I’m going to get started back in on commissions on Monday. Thank you very much for being patient, everyone who is waiting on art from me.

Oh also this is definitely FOR SALE!

I’m looking to get $250 shipped for it.
Feel free to make an offer or haggle with me. I won’t be offended!

The back is FN condition as shown.

(I would accept a NM/NM- Volcanic or Underground Sea + $50 as well)

Letting my wrist heal up. Just doing some simple stuff so I don’t get rusty, haha. This is available!  (I could use some groceries lol)

I’m asking $30 shipped or best offer!

To those on the commission roster, I should be getting started around the end of next week. I just want to make sure I’m fully healed before undertaking multiple-hour card alters again.

Haha, just something I was wondering…

Out of curiosity, has tumblr ever recommended my blog to any of you?
Either on the sidebar or as a recommended blog on your dash?

Hey! Back from Gencon and am poor again hahaha

Here are 4 alters I have for sale. The fetches were originally spoken for but something came up on the buyers end so now I still have them. Here are the prices I am looking for:

  • $35 - Mana Vault SOLD!
  • $50 - Thoughtseize SOLD!
  • $60 - Verdant Catacombs
  • $55 - Bloodstained Mire

If you are interested please send me a message or an email at


I was commissioned to do three extension + decay/texture alters for these here Jund colored walkers. I love doing stuff like this. It’s fun to just get creative with textboxes sometimes.

Another MTGO Cube art alter! Haha, I figured I’m on a roll might as well keep it up. They are really fun to do and they are pushing me to get better at tiny details. FOR SALE!

I’m looking to get $300 or best offer for this one. The back is EX.

If anyone is interested, don’t be afraid to offer.
I’d like to sell it before Gencon. (5 days) I need some spendin’ money :)

As a heads up, gonna update the commission post after Gencon next week. There will be some price changes, new things added, etc.

The only thing I know 100% for sure is that textless planeswalkers are no longer going to be $45 haha. It’s way too much work. I hope everyone will understand.